The aim of the graduate schools coordinated by the JSMM is to familiarize students with current research topics of molecular medicine and modern laboratory techniques. The JSMM provides a scientific program of lectures, seminars and methods courses, which will deepen the understanding of general aspects of molecular medicine as well as the knowledge of specific research areas. Language and soft skill courses including the training of communication, presentation and public speaking as well as the introduction of topics such as project funding, bioethics and statistics will be provided in close collaboration with the Jena Graduate Academy. The four graduate schools (CSCC-RTG, IZKF, LGSA, RTG 1715) will offer specific programs, which are, however, open to all students of the JSMM. The JSMM also provides special programs for doctoral students of medicine, who are interested to advance their knowledge in experimental medicine. General rules for students include the supervision by a thesis committee and the obligation to give annual research reports. The programs and curricula of the graduate schools are detailed on the respective home pages (CSCC-RTG , IZKF , LGSA , RTG 1715).