NameCountry MD/PhDTopicThesis committeeGraduate School
Baumbach, Philipp D PhD Neurological sequelae and alterations in pain-processing after severe sepsis and septic shock. PD Dr. med. W. Meißner / Prof. Dr. med., phil. habil. Th. Weiß / Dr. med. A. Günther CSCC-RTG
Böhme, Marcus D  PhD Zerebrale Langzeitauswirkungen nach Sepsis Prof. Dr. Otto W. Witte / Prof. Dr. Tilman Grune / Dr. Silvio Schmidt CSCC-RTG
Ekaney, Michael Kamerun  PhD Sepsis associated Microthrombus formation: Processing and secretion of von-Willebrand factor cleaving protease, ADAMTS13 PD Dr. Ralf Claus / Prof. Dr. Regine Heller CSCC-RTG
Hechaichi, Nadine D  PhD Role of the Lectin-like Domain of Thrombomodulin in Murine Sepsis-Induced Cardiac Depression PD Dr. Sebstian Stehr / PD Dr. Ralf Claus CSCC-RTG
Heublein, Steffen D  Wiwi Cost-ALERTS / Gesundheitsökonomische Evaluierung der ALERTS-Studie Prof. Dr. Johannes Ruhland / Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann CSCC-RTG
Horn, Paul D MD Regulation der Glucosehomöostase bei systemischer Inflammation. Explorative Analyse ausgewählter intrazellulärer Signalwege in humanen Geweben. PD Dr. Ralf Claus / Dr. C. von Löffelholz CSCC-RTG
Lenhardt, Isabell D  PhD The Somatostatin Receptor 2A as a possible therapeutic target in sepsis and sepsis associated liver dysfunction PD Dr. Amelie Lupp / Prof. Dr. Stefan Schulz CSCC-RTG
Lindenmüller, Silke D  PhD Regulation of sepsis-induced endothelial cell dysfunction by 5'AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK) Prof. Dr. Regine Heller / PD Dr. Ignacio Rubio CSCC-RTG
Luo, Ting China PhD Identification of protein antigens from candida albicans for fungal sepsis diagnostics Prof. Dr. Axel Brakhage / Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer / Dr. Olaf Kniemeyer CSCC-RTG
Markwart, Robby D PhD Mechanismus der T-Zell-Paralyse in der Sepsis Dr. Ignacio Rubio / Dr. Martin Förster / Dr. Katharina Ferrari-Kühne CSCC-RTG
Ndongson Dongmo, Bernadin Kamerun PhD Dual role of P13Kγ in the pathogenesis of sepitc cardiomyopathy Prof. Dr. R. Bauer / Prof. Dr. R. Wetzker / Prof. Dr. R. Heller CSCC-RTG
Noack, Katrin D PhD Protein acetylation in Sepsis - modulation by inhibitors of protein deacetylases (SEPHI) Prof. Dr. Torsten Heinzel / PD Dr. Oliver H. Krämer / Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wetzker CSCC-RTG
Prkno, Anna
Meta-Analysis of Procalcitonin (PCT) guided therapy of sepsis Prof. Peter Schlattmann / Prof. Frank Martin Brunkhorst CSCC-RTG
Röll, Daniela D PhD Androgen Receptor and Sepsis - The influence of sexual hormones and antihormones for sepsis treatment Prof. Dr. rer. nat. A. Baniahmad / Prof. Dr. med. M. Bauer CSCC-RTG
Schindler, Claudia D PhD Role of HIF-1α and Morg1 in sepsis induced renal injury in wild type mice compare to heterozygous Morg1 +/- mice. Prof. Dr. med. G. Wolf, MHBA / Dr. rer. nat. T. Bondeva CSCC-RTG
Schindler, Katrin D PhD Role of HIF-1α and Morg1 in sepsis induced renal injury - Influence of PHD3 inhibitor on HIF-1α, HIF-2α and Morg1 expression in sepsis-induced kidney injury. Prof. Dr. med. G. Wolf, MHBA / Dr. rer. nat. T. Bondeva CSCC-RTG
Wissuwa, Bianka D PhD Role of Slo1 channels in macro- and microcirculation and their regulation by heme and heme degradation products in sepsis Prof. Dr. M. Bauer / Prof. Dr. S. H. Heinemann CSCC-RTG